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Challenging the world.
Both 'Hakaru Ichino' and 'Yoshio Fujimoto' are well known domestically as well as globally. But there is a real contrast between the two; keen insights and burning passion. Although they both have glorious careers, they are both still actively involved in rally. They are a remarkable combination and perfect match as TEIN executives.
"He is a man of very firm beliefs
that never waivers."
"People call me a drill sergeant, as I speak frankly even in delicate matters."
He evaluated himself with a wry grin. Fujimoto’s image, even outside Japan, is "straight forward". Fujimoto is honest and determined to win.
"A good driver is someone who controls the vehicle to the limit, and is in tune with the capacity of the engine. Running the company is somewhat similar; it's important to obtain the maximum result by fully utilizing all resources."
He still is making the most out of all the experiences he obtained as a driver for a Toyota works team in WRC.
Beef bowls, Chinese noodles, and hamburgers. His food preference is somewhat unprofessional, but he transforms himself uncompromisingly before rally events. How he changes gears, both professionally and privately, is at the tip-top of his profession as a company executive.
"Put simply, his ability to collect information and
make level-headed decisions at all times."

"To win the game, you have to control your partner; the driver." Ichino knows all too well about the joy of being a co-driver in rally races.
"The driver is usually the one who gets all the attention; however, he cannot even finish the race if his co-driver fails to give impeccable information in an instant."
He realized early how important pace
note are, and became the leading expert
in the field."The way in which he senses
the market, and predicts future hit
products, is what’s required for the company." He, as a corporate
executive, is always making
accurate calculations
which lead to the
optimum choice.
When TEIN was established,
Fujimoto trusted Ichino enoughto quit his job and join TEIN. Ichino does not only control but he attracts others.
He has what it takes to be a
genuine leader.
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