Optical Toe-Angle Alignment Gauge
Makes measuring Toe-In and/or Toe-Out simple, and can be used on a wide range of vehicles from compact cars to trucks.
The compact design is made of die-cast aluminum to reduce weight for easy storage and transport. All that is needed in order to use the gauge is a flat surface and sufficient space for a single vehicle. The gauge sets up quickly and easily to fit any vehicle, from small compacts to full-size trucks. No technical knowledge is needed to setup the dial, so anyone can easily adjust toe angles. The simple mechanical gauge does not require power so it can be used at home or at the track.
Optical Alignment Gauge
Material Die-cast Aluminum
Measurable Rim Size 8 - 24 inch diameters (200 - 600mm)
Smallest Scale 0° 10' (10-minute)
Max Measured Value within +/- 2° 00' (2-degree)
Digital Camber Gauge
For quick and easy camber adjustment.
The digital camber gauge features a lightweight aluminum body for easy, one-handed operation.
Includes a "Hard-to-scratch" Duracon contact guide for many years of accurate readings, and a tapered mounting slot for smooth operation.
Measuring camber angles is as simple as adjusting the guide to match the wheel diameter, and then simply push against the rim to obtain a camber reading. Digital display reads in increments of 0.1 degree for accurate angle measurement.
Material (Main Body) Aluminum
Material (Contact Guide) Duracon®
Measurable Rim Size 10 to 20inch diameters (250 to 500mm)
Display Angle 0.0° to 90.0°
Increments 0.1°
Dimensions H600 × W200 mm (excluding the guide)
Contact Guide 50mm deep
Weight 1100g
Power Source 9V Alkaline Battery
Misc. Functions Display Hold, Automatic Power Off,
Model& Price
Optical Toe-Angle Alignment Gauge I AGO-40 MSRP
Digital Camber Gauge I G202 MSRP
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