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Tie Rod and Tie Rod End
Tie Rod and Tie Rod End
TEIN Tie Rods and Tie Rod Ends are designed to replace weak OEM components. The TEIN units are not only stronger but are also capable of increased steering angle. By utilizing a larger diameter rod and stronger materials, TEIN was able to increase rod strength by 10~55% depending on application. The TEIN tie rod ends can be configured in two ways, OEM steering angle, or increased steering angle. Which allows for tighter turning radius, and deeper drift angles.
Additional Features:
• Increased diameter rod and end for increased strength (12.9 - 14mm depending on application)
• Plated Finish
• Includes hardware for OEM or Aggressive steering angle
Contents of Tie Rod kit: Contents of Tie Rod End kit:
Strengthened Tie Rod x 2
Strengthened Tie Rod Ends x 2
Hardware Package
Pricing: Pricing:
Starts at $88.00
Starts at $88.00
Price List of Tie Rod and Tie Rod End
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