TEIN USA (TUSA) was first established in August 2001 to meet the demands of North and South American consumers. Our original location was in Paramount, California, which is about 25mins outside of Los Angeles. This office handled all US operations including product testing. By 2003 we had outgrown our building, and moved to our current facility in Downey, California. From this location we perform all sales, operations, marketing, repair/ revalving, new product testing, demo vehicle preparation, and West Coast warehousing. TEIN USA is dedicated to providing high quality products at reasonable prices.
OPERATIONS/ SALES/ TECHNICAL SUPPORT – TUSA's well trained staff are able to answer all product and technical questions via telephone or E-mail. Our staff are trained in sales, trouble shooting, installation, and detailed product specifications.
WAREHOUSE – Our fully stocked warehouse means customers can get their products in a timely fashion. We not only stock new products but also repair parts and replacement parts. If we do not have something in stock, customers are given an option to either air or ocean freight products from our factory in Yokohama, Japan.
COMPLETE PRODUCT SERVICE – Our TUSA facility has the personnel and equipment to not only overhaul/ revalve our products but also repair. This ability and service helps our customers save money by giving them an option to either purchase new replacement products or having existing products repaired.
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – In order to provide the best products for the North and South American markets, TUSA established a full R&D center. Here all products are test fitted, and road tested to ensure not only performance and ride quality but also proper product fitment. TEIN's dedication and specialization to suspension components has led us to develop our street applications specifically for each region of the world. This means the TEIN products available from TUSA are not available in other parts of the world. The large majority of TUSA sales are to US consumers, and we have developed our street applications for the US market. This means the S.Tech, High.Tech, Basic, Super Street, Flex, and Mono Flex models were all developed and tested specifically for the Americas. Spring rates, valving, ride height, and ride height adjustability were all chosen for local (US & Canada) road conditions and consumer demands.
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