Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE CR
Interactive communication advanced system is implemented.
Flat glass and precise graduation scale give more needle accuracy and high visibility.
LOW mount back case
(11% down over currently in use)
Flat glass adopted
Gauges can be controlled from distance with the included switch unit.
Opening and closing modes can be selected from 2 variations.
A: Two colors flashing type
B: Flashing type
The installation of additional gauges is easy. Just connect it with theother two gauges and attach the wire to Advance Control Unit.
The illumination at night can be switched between 2 different colors.
(White dial: amber red / blue; Black dial: white / amber red)
The outer edge of the gauge illuminates in red at night.
The needle pointer driven by original stepping motor has a smooth instantaneous response to rapid acceleration of high performance vehicles.
The microcontroller calibrates up to 270 degree angle in 3027 - 4600 segments (0.088°- 0.059°), and provides accurate vehicle information.
Self-diagnosis system turns the warning LED on to indicate any wire disconnection, short circuit and serial communication errors.
Warning by buzzer sound when the warning LED is on (buzzer sound can be turned on / off).
at Peak time at Warning time
Peak value and warning value during driving are stored. Driving data can be stored and replayed up to 3 minutes.
A mounting bracket, meter cup, regular position bezel are provided with this product.
With both fuel pressure gauge and turbo installed, differential pressure can be monitored on the fuel pressure gauge screen.
Defi-Link ADVANCE SYSTEM is the next generation system that adopted the interactive communication.
The product of Defi-Link ADVANCE SYSTEM cannot be connected with the product of Defi-Link SYSTEM. It is not compatible with the product of Defi-Link SYSTEM.
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