Auto-Tech Interiors (ATI)
Manufacturer of ABS plastic meter pods, and polycarbonate engine covers. ATI's main focus is on their line of interior meter pods, ePod, EZ Pod, and Center Pod. ATI products are designed to fit 52mm and/or 60mm gauges. The ePod steering column pod features a completely rotational pivot head to allow adjustment of the meter to suit any viewing angle. EZ Pod are a compact fixed steering column design. Center Pod dash mount pod includes a built-in visor to block glare, and various color face plates can be purchased separately. All ATI pods are texture and color matched to each application for a true OEM finish. Each ATI product goes through a comprehensive development process to ensure perfect fitment, coloring, texture, and viewing angle. ATI ePod and EZ Pod products are composed of high impact ABS plastic with UV additives for protection, and then injection molded. ATI's line of engine covers is produced with GE LexanR resin which have properties to withstand heat and vibration.
ATI was founded in 2001 by an enthusiast with a passion for cars. The lack of an adjustable meter pod inspired him to create his own product, ePod. With the success of the ePod came EZ Pod, and Lexiclear. The ATI line has now expanded and includes Japanese, European, Domestic, and even truck/SUV applications.
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