Racer Gauge N2

Racer Gauges N2 are quick-responsive and high-accurate analog gauges. Gauges operates standalone and control unit is not necessary.

SI (Global) models (Illumination color is white.)

SI (Global) models

USDM models (Illumination color is Red.)

USDM models

The dial are not visible until the ignition is turned on.

New design of a combination of matte and glossy black surface finishing and metallic mirror printing provides a variety of appearances and textures in addition to high contrast visibility.

A swtich and an indicator are included in the package of 80mm (3 1/8") tachometer and peak and warning functions are available.

  • *Racer Gauges N2 cannnot be linked to the Defi-Link System or ADVANCE System.
  • *USDM models are sold only in the US.
  • *SI models are sold globally.

Main specification


SI models (Blue) 52mm 60mm 80mm Display range
TURBO 2.0 DF16001 DF16601 -100kPa to +200kPa
TURBO 3.0 DF16101 DF16701 -100kPa to +300kPa
PRESS. DF16201 DF16801 0 to 1000kPa
TEMP. DF16301 DF16901 30 to 150℃
E.G.T. DF16401 DF17001 200 to 1100℃
VOLT DF16501 DF17101 10 to 15V
Tachometer 9000rpm DF17201 0 to 9000rpm
Tachometer 11000rpm DF17301 0 to 11000rpm
USDM models (Red) 2 1/16″(52mm) 2 3/8″(60mm) 3 1/8″(80mm) Display range
BOOST 30PSI DF16002 -30inHg to +30PSI
BOOST 45PSI DF16102 -30inHg to +45PSI
PRESS. DF16202 0 to 140PSI
TEMP. DF16302 100 to 300 F deg
E.G.T. DF16402 400 to 2000 F deg
VOLT DF16502 10 to 15V
Tachometer 9000rpm DF17202 0 to 9000rpm
Tachometer 11000rpm DF1732 0 to 11000rpm


SI Models

USDM Models


Product Lineup and Pricelist

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