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The SMART ADAPTER W is a radio frequency device that can transmit the vehicle data to an iOS/Android mobile device. Data obtained from your vehicle can be displayed on your device screen with the free Defi Meter App available for download.
By linking to the ADVANCE SYSTEM, your iOS/Android device can display vehicle information from optional Defi sensors (Defi sensor sets sold separately).
*In regards to Android devices and the OBDII connection, depending on your device / vehicle models, there are cases that they are not adaptable to this product. Before purchasing, please contact us for further compatibility details.*
Just connecting the SMART ADAPTER W to the ADVANCE Unit, the SMART ADAPTER W can transmit information from the Unit sensors to an iOS/Android device.
By acquiring vehicle information from OBDII , compared with available Defi sensor, it is much easier to get information at a lower cost. It can transmit vehicle information to your iOS/Android device without the ADVANCE SYSTEM if the OBDII follows ISO-CAN specification.
Three ways of connecting the system.
Connection to the ADVANCE SYSTEM (Part number DF14501) Information acquired by the Advance Unit sensors can be submitted to your iOS/Android device.
*If you connect the SMART ADAPTER W to the ADVANCE SYSTEM, the
ADVANCE Control Unit and Defi sensors (sold separately) are necessary.*
When connected to OBDII (Part number DF14502), ISO-CAN information such as throttle position, water temp, oil temp, etc.. is transmitted to your device. When compared with the Smart Adapter and Advance System with the sensors set up, the Smart Adapter with the OBDII connector makes it easier and low cost to retrieve the vehicle information.
*Please make sure that your vehicle is compatible before purchasing.*
*The ADVANCE SYSTEM is not necessary if you are using the OBDII connector.
*Please note that some display items of the OBDII connector are different from the ADVANCE SYSTEM.
*An OBDII wire harness is required when connecting the vehicles OBDII connector. The SMART ADAPTER W (DF14501) does not supply the OBDII wire harness and would need to be purchased separately.*
Connection to both the ADVANCE SYSTEM and the OBDII connector (DF14502 recommended product). This option allows for both data from the OBDII connector and the ADVANCE SYSTEM to display simultaneously in the Apps Mix Mode.
*Please make sure that your vehicle is compatible before purchasing.*
Please use Defi Meter App for iOS/ Android to display vehicle information.
You can customize display items and gauge's colors.
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