DIN-Gauge is a 1-DIN sized triple meter for providing information on a pressure and 2 kinds of temperatures. "DIN" is an abbreviation for Deutsche Industrie Normen(German industrial standard) and the most of audio hardwares are designed in the DIN size. DIN-Gauge can be neatly installed in a DIN sized vacant space in your automobile.
Feature Note
Three guages are fitted into one DIN size.
The front cover of the gauge has flat face glass.
Opening and closing mode: The needle pointers of three gauges move sequentially.
The three meters are angled towards the driver for a higher level of visibility
Stepping motor:
*Maximum angle 270degrees is controlled by the microcomputer up to 4,600 divisions(0.057degrees) to provide high precision in the accuracy of information generated.
*Quick response which is sustainable in racing scenes.
Bright transparent green gauge dials and red instrument needle pointers are used in the gauges to increase visibility at night.
The lights are produced from super high bright LED lamps.
DIN-Gauges for right-hand drives and left-hand drives are available.
This product is for use ONLY on vehicles with a 12V electrical system.
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