What TEIN Flexible Controller Can Do

Vehicle with damping force adjustment dials hidden deep inside other components etc
Impossible to reach the dial,
without moving wipers & cowl tops etc.
Flexible Controller allows for
easy & hassle-free access.

Extension cable, attached to the damping force adjustment dial, enables easier adjustment where an access to the dial is difficult due to vehicle structure etc.

Easy Installation

Flexible Controller is easy to install and works on all TEIN damping force adjustable dampers - simply put it over the adjustment dial and fasten with hex bolt.


Length (mm) Part No. MSRP excl. Tax
(Set of 2)
100 FLK01-AA100 $ 35
200 FLK01-AA200 $ 35
300 FLK01-AA300 $ 35
50 to 500 Made-To-Order* $ 48

*Flexible Controller can be made to order, to the desired length from 50 to 500mm.

MSRP excl. Tax : $ 48 / set of 2

Manufacturing Lead Time: around 2~4 weeks (vary by the time of order)

Please contact TEIN USA authorized dealer for further information.

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