A leading manufacturer of exhaust systems for Japanese Import vehicles. Known for their exceptional quality, and engineered to increase power while maintaining a deep quiet tone. TEIN USA will be offering select models from the Fujitsubo lineup, which have been test fitted and sound checked in the US by a Fujitsubo engineer. These US tested and developed Fujitsubo products are ONLY available through TEIN USA. From the Fujitsubo lineup, TEIN USA will offer Legalis R, RM01A, and Super Ti exhaust systems, as well as select downpipes and exhaust manifolds (headers).
Legalis R is Fujitsubo's most popular model. Designed for street use it improves both low-end and mid-range power. All Legalis R systems are constructed of Stainless Steel, and are available in two different tip styles, round with slanted tip or oval.
RM01A is complete stainless steel competition exhaust. Developed for use in Auto-X, Gymkhana, Rally-X and for high performance street applications. Most applications will see a 50% decrease in weight over OE exhaust systems while increasing both mid range power and torque.
Super Ti is Fujitsubo's premier model. Each Super Ti kit is designed for optimum performance (High RPM range) and reduced weight. Muffler, resonators, and piping are all made of Titanium making each application as light as possible. Muffler tip diameter ranges from 100mm to 122mm.
Established in 1931 as a motorcycle manufacturer, Fujitsubo Motors produced the first Japanese made motorbike called the Eagle. In 1965 Fujitsubo began manufacturing automobile parts, and now holds 12 patents. Fujitsubo products continue to be on the leading edge of exhaust components and manufacturing. Product testing and development has been conducted in various forms of motorsports including WRC, Super Taikyu, D1GP, Gymkhana, Dirt Trial, and Formula 4 plus on Fujitsubo's on site 1/4 mile test strip. All of Fujitsubo's testing has enabled them to become ISO 9001 certified, JASMA certified, and a TUV license holder. is the Japanese Domestic Market leader in exhaust systems.

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