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Silencer Rubber
Silencer Rubber
TEIN Silencer Rubber can be an effective way to reduce or eliminate noise caused by "coil slap" (when spring coils touch/ hit each other). The rubber sleeve simply slides over the spring coil to cushion the impact, and converts the metal to metal contact into rubber to metal. This reduces noise and does not affect the performance, longevity, or ride quality of the springs. Silencer rubber is offered in three sizes for use on TEIN S.Tech, TEIN High.Tech, and other such lowering springs.
Additional Features:
• Split design allows for easy installation
• Pre-applied adhesive to prevent slippage
• Easily pliable material for use on springs of various configurations
Contents of Silencer Rubber:
Silencer Rubber × 2
Starts at $5.00 per pair
Three different sizes available
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