A leading Australian based polyurethane bushing manufacturer, which is now readily available in the US through TEIN USA. A previously over looked modification and or replacement part, polyurethane bushings have now become a key component to suspension tuning. Quality bushings can improve steering response, and retain consistent alignment settings, which will improve overall handling. Each SuperPro bushing application has been developed with a specific durometer (hardness) to ensure proper performance and product life. SuperPro makes bushings for suspension control arms, link arms, drivetrain components (shifter, transmission, and differential mount), steering rack, sway bars, and much more. Each polyurethane bushing is produced in-house with stringent quality control, and come with a 3yr/ 37K mile warranty.
The SuperPro line of polyurethane bushings are produced by Fulcrum. Established in 1976, Fulcrum has been producing their SuperPro line of bushings since 1985. SuperPro designed and pioneered the following bushing features: knurling, turbo voids, tangential grease grooves, and spiral bore. Their patterns used to create the molds are made from precisely machined Aluminum, which are modeled in AutoCAD. The molds are then made from polyurethane, and experienced craftsmen pour each bushing. The final products are then precisely trimmed to ensure a proper fit each and every time. All SuperPro polyurethane bushings are made in-house in Moorooka, Australia. SuperPro continues to expand their application list which includes over 4000 part numbers, and includes parts for passenger vehicles, trucks, and SUVs.
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