Overhaul / Revalving
1. I bought the SUPER STREET DAMPER 1 year ago. I mainly just drive to work, when should I get an Overhaul done?
2. I am using the TYPE FLEX DAMPER. I mainly drive on circuits, and I feel that it’s becoming soft. What kind of revalving should I request ?
3. I am using the SUPER STREET DAMPER and when I increased the spring rate, the ride height won’t drop as much anymore. If I don’t want to use a shorter spring, is there any other way to reduce the damper stroke?
4. Is it possible to have short case machining done for the SUPER STREET DAMPER?
5. I am using the SUPER STREET DAMPER. How much does it cost for an overhaul or revalving?
6. I bought the TYPE FLEX DAMPER (kit w/o upper mount) for my BNR32, and I installed it myself, but the damping force adjustment dial won’t turn more than 10 clicks. I didn’t use a torque wrench, but I followed the user’s manual and I am sure that I did exactly as what was written when I tightened the dial. Can I make a claim?
7. Can I bring my car in for an overhaul?
8. How long does an overhaul usually take?
9. I lost my user’s manual, so I don’t have my Overhaul/ Revalving Request form. What should I do?
10. I want to revalve my car, but I don’t know what the standard damping force level is.
Unusual Noises
1. I purchased a brand new TYPE FLEX DAMPER with pillow upper mount. It was the first time I installed a shock absorber by myself, but when I am driving, I hear a clattering noise. Did I buy a faulty product?
2. I purchased a brand new TYPE FLEX DAMPER with pillow upper mount. There were no problems installing the shock absorber, but I can hear clattering and tapping sounds.
3. I think aeration is occurring in my shock absorber and I hear a tapping sound. How do I release the air?
4. I bought a old used TYPE-H damper and after installing it, I can hear a discomforting noise.
5. I purchased a set of S.TECH springs and after installation, I can hear noises which sound like metal rubbing against each other. Is it something I should be worried about?
6. I installed my part a while ago, but recently I started hearing some clanging noises.
7. I installed the SUPER STREET DAMPER to my car, and when I drive over rough surfaces, I can hear squeaking noises from the rear. Is it a defect?
8. I installed BASIC WAGON to my car, but while I drive, I can hear squeaking and/ or rattling noises. Was it not properly installed?
Vehicle Ride Height Adjustment / Settings
1. It is my first time adjusting the ride height. What ride height position should I set my car at?
2. If I mainly want to drive at the circuit, how should I set the spring rate and ride height?
3. I wanted to lower the ride height by 30mm so I lowered the lower seat by 30mm. But the actual ride height dropped by 45mm. Why?
4. Why is the front spring rate for the Mark II and Supra set so high, between 12k-18k?
5. I purchased the SUPER STREET DAMPER and I intend to go to the circuit, so I increased the spring rate by 4k. I lowered the seat to the lowest position, but the ride height doesn’t drop very much. Why?
6. I lowered my car very low, but the ride comfort is bad. What can I do to improve the comfort level?
7. I want to secure more stroke by cutting the bump rubber. How much should I cut?
8. I often hear the ride comfort worsens as you lower the ride height, but if I raise the ride height, does it affect the ride comfort?
9. I have HIGH.TECH springs on my car, but the ride height is not as low as I thought. Is the product defective?
10. When looking at springs, e.g. S.TECH, spring rates are written like the following (2.9~5.5k). Does this mean that the spring rate can be chosen within the range?
Miscellaneous Questions
1. What are the recommended browsers to use this site?
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