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TEIN USA, Inc. - Service Terms & Conditions
No exceptions will be made for the statements listed below.
•   As of June 1st, 2011 TEIN USA, Inc. requires prepayment of all overhaul services and return shipping fees prior to any work being performed. With this effort we hope to reduce any downtime that you, the customer, may incur.
•  Repairs must be sent in with an Overhaul Agreement Form completed and signed. It is highly recommended that repairs be packed properly to avoid any missing or damaged products/parts. TEIN USA will not be responsible for damaged or missing products/parts during shipping to and from the customer. Damaged parcels will be refused. No Exceptions
•  Dampers are recommended to be sent in disassembled to avoid a disassembly fee of $20 per damper. This $20 disassembly fee per damper is an extra charge that will be credited towards the total overhaul amount. If the Overhaul is cancelled after the damper has been disassembled for inspection the damper will be returned disassembled. If you would like all of the components of the damper to be inspected, include the disassembled parts/ pieces in the box.
•  Dampers that show signs of heavy damage (e.g. Bent Piston Rod, Broken/Bent/Cracked Lower Bracket, Heavy Oil Leak, etc.) will be subject to a $20 Pre-Inspection Disassembly Fee per damper. This fee and labor is used to determine if the damper can in fact be rebuilt or not.  After the Overhaul is finished, the $20 fee per damper will be credited towards the overall Overhaul Fee. However, if, after the damper has been broken down, you, the customer, decides to cancel the overhaul, or if the damper is determined to be unusable/irreparable by the TEIN Technician, the $20 fee per damper will not be refunded. Upon request the damper can be returned to you, the customer; however it will be returned assembled without gas or oil.
•  Dampers sent Internationally must be deemed as "Repair" or "Warranty" as Customs and Duty fee apply when not properly labeled. If sent incorrectly customer will be responsible for any Customs and Duty fees charged to TEIN USA INC. NO EXCEPTIONS.
•  Warranty inspection/ repair products must be sent in with an original receipt with purchase date. Warranty inspection results will be based on the findings/ data of the TEIN Technician.  Any products sent in for Warranty inspection without the appropriate requested paperwork will be considered a standard overhaul until the correct paperwork is provided. No Exceptions.
•  All shipping charges are the responsibility of the sender. No Exceptions. Warranty inspections/ repairs will only cover the parts and repair labor of the damper.
•  Overhaul Base Prices do NOT include external or internal damper parts. Needed external replacement parts will be determined at the time of inspection. Needed internal replacement parts will be determined at the time of service.
•  It is the customer's responsibility to contact TEIN USA if there has been no initial reply or response regarding the preliminary inspection, as well as serviced items.
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