Damping Force Adj.
Ride Height
Speed Valve
Mono Tube
The TEIN Group N damper was developed through vigorous testing in the P-WRC. TEIN's extensive background in Rally racing not only as a parts supplier but as a former team have culminated into the Gr.N damper. Some of the basic features include full-length adjustability, 3+1 - way damping force adjustment, external reservoirs, and inverted mono tube design. TEIN's latest technologies have also been incorporated which are Micro Speed Valve, Temperature Compensating Valve, and Hydraulic Bump Stop. Gr.N damper has been tested all over the world, and is currently used by competitors in P-WRC, China Rally Championship, Asia Pacific Rally, Polish Rally Championship, Africa Rally Championship, and Rally America series.
Additional Features
• 3+1 - way damping force adjustment
32-way High Speed Compression
16-way Low Speed Compression
16-way Rebound
16-way Hydraulic Bump Stopper
• Inverted Mono Tube Construction for strut types (18mm piston dia.)
• Hydraulic Bump Stop is independently 16-way adjustable so traction is not affected
• Temperature Compensating Valve automatically adjusts damping force to counter act oil viscosity
• Micro Speed Valve allows for greater control of oil flow at low speed damping
• External Reservoir for great oil capacity and increased piston stroke
• Camber washer for knuckle bracket on strut type
• Large diameter helper spring to eliminate dead stroke
Subaru Impreza 02+
3-way Adjustable Strut Assembly x 4
Main Spring x 4
Helper Spring x 4
Accessory Kit x 1
Tool Kit x 1
*Upper mount NOT included - Please use with STI Strut Mount
(reinforced rubber)
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII/ VIII/ IX
3-way Adjustable Strut Assembly x 2
3-way Adjustable Shock Assembly x 2
Rear Pillowball Upper Mount x 2
Main Spring x 4
Helper Spring x 4 (if applicable)
Accessory Kit x 1
Tool Kit x 1
*Front Upper Mount is NOT included - Please use with Ralliart homologation VO Top Mount.
Starts at $11,000.00
Price List of TYPE Gr.N
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