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Regular Position Bezel
Regular Position Bezel is for 52mm (2 1/16") and 60mm (2 3/8") gauges. The bezel enable user to find a subtle change in car by setting the position of the red triangle depending on the driving situation.
Defi-Link ADVANCE Indicator / DF09601
Defi-Link Indicator is a warning indicator which can be connected to Defi gauges.
Single Meter Visor / DF11201(60mm), DF11101(52mm)
Defi-Link Single Meter Visor is for removing the virtual image of gauges reflected on the windshield.
Fitting Kit / DF09501
Fitting Kit is to mount a gauge on an A-pillar or a steering column.
Triple Meter Hood / DF03301 (DISCONTINUED)
The TRIPLE METER HOOD allows Defi-Link Meters and Defi-Link Meter BFs to be mounted on Subaru New Age Impreza.
Defi-Link Indicator II / DF05801
The production of Defi-Link Indicator II has been ended in April, 2010.
Defi-Link Indicator II is a warning indicator which can be connected to Defi-Link Meter, Defi-Link Meter BF, Defi-Link Display, Defi-Link Control Unit II, and Step Graph. Two LEDs(green & red) are built-in and each LED blinks separately.
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