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OE shape Durable & Reliable Hydraulic Bump Stopper Twin-Tube
Damping Force Adjustable EDFC Compatible

Product Specifications

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OE-shaped damper, EnduraPro HC PLUS, allows for 20mm ride height raise, with other features and specifications of EnduraPro PLUS maintained.

Standard ride height for EnduraPro HC PLUS is set at 20mm (approx. 0.8 inches) higher than the original, to accommodate various driving scenes from streets to rough off-roading. EnduraPro HC PLUS is designed and developed for those who love outdoors and need to set the height higher than OE in order to secure sufficient clearance when driving on rough mountain roads etc. and/or for those who are not happy with the ride quality worsened due to the lack of stroke resulted from changing the springs only to raise the height.

Lift up

EnduraPro HC PLUS allows for 20mm lift, by changing the spring seat position based on the original shock absorber design.

Simply raising the standard height can lead to insufficient rebound stroke impairing the stability and also make the camber angle positive on strut suspensions. EnduraPro HC PLUS is tested on each vehicle models to optimize the dimensions and settings, in order to secure sufficient strokes and to enable the best suited alignment.

*1: Camber angle compasation is for strut suspensions only.
*2: For suspensions without spring seats, a spacer is used to raise height.

OE Shape

EnduraPro HC PLUS is a high-performance OE-shape shock absorber. Designed to use with the vehicle's original (OE) spring and upper mount, its lower spring seat is shaped identical to the OE shock absorber. By raising the height, without changing the springs, sufficient road clearance is secured.

High Durability and Superior Quality

Sealed Structure

A "sealed structure", attained by a new production formula,

combines high quality with reduced cost.

About the Sealed Structure

The top end of the shell pipe is narrowed, oil and gas are injected, and the whole unit is sealed by crimping the metal.

This new approach massively shortens the production process. As a result, we have succeeded in vastly cutting production cost.

Partial Production Process of EnduraPro HC PLUS

High Strength and Durability

Fortified Installation Points

Example: Thickness comparison of front installation bracket for Honda Jazz/Fit GP5

EnduraPro HC PLUS

For strut-type suspensions a thickness increase improves the strength and durability of the bracket attaching to the vehicle (steering knuckle) compared to OE shock absorbers. This higher rigidity of the knuckle's support also improves steering feel and makes the ride feel more stable. Please note that the thickness increase varies per vehicle model.

Fortified Shell Case with Large Oil Capacity

The shell case, the key part of the shock absorber, is made of a high-strength material with tensile strength around 150% of the OE shell case. Weight increase is curbed by keeping the thickness of the cylinder wall the same. A bigger shell case diameter expands its oil capacity, for improved durability as well as a long-term stable damping force performance.

Example: Comparisons for the Honda Jazz/Fit (GP5)
Shell Case Tensile Strength
OE EnduraPro HC PLUS
Tensile Strength (Mpa) 340 510
Shell Case Diameter
OE EnduraPro HC PLUS
Front Shock Absorbers φ45 φ55
Rear Shock Absorbers φ45 φ50.8

Please note: tensile strength and diameter of shell case vary per vehicle model.

High-Performance Damper Oil

Exhibiting a stable viscosity in a broad temperature range, the high-performance damper oil sustains smooth strokes and a reliable damping force under all kinds of circumstances. It has excellent anti-foaming properties that protect it from cavitation (bubble-forming), and is resistant to overheating, so that it works noiselessly even on rough roads. The damper oil keeps up its superior performance long-term, because it is also resistant to deterioration over time.

Rustproof Surface Treatment

The shell case's bright TEIN-green powder paint coating excels in strength and durability, while our coating technique is eco-friendly and without organic solvents. After pre-treatment, TEIN's patented 2-Layer, 1-Bake powder coating method with corrosion-proofing paint is used for superior durability and rust protection.*

Outstandingly corrosion-resistant, EnduraPro HC PLUS can safely be used in regions with heavy snowfall or coastal areas, etc.

* Japanese patent number 4347712

Hydraulic Bump Stopper (H.B.S.)

More comfort and higher durability at maximum passenger and cargo load.

How the H.B.S. Mechanism Works

When regular shock absorbers fully stroke, their bump rubbers are compressed. The energy that is generated by that escapes as a repulsive force, which can disturb the vehicle's behavior. Furthermore, repeated full strokes can damage the damper.

In the same situation EnduraPro HC PLUS, featuring H.B.S., internally convert the impact of the stroke to thermal energy (heat) and absorb it, strongly reducing the impact that disturbs the vehicle's behavior. With less damage to the dampers, H.B.S. also contributes to their durability.

Regular Shock Absorbers

Driving over a bump, the vehicle jolts and bounces. It takes a while to regain control.

Shock Absorbers with H.B.S.

The vehicle smoothly processes the impact, does not bounce, and its behavior swiftly stabilizes.

The Hydraulic Bump Stopper (H.B.S.) Mechanism

In shock absorbers with inactive or no H.B.S., the operative valve (green) floats, and oil flows freely through the base valve ports. Resistance to the flow from the shim stack then, causes damping force.

Near full compression, when the piston rod strokes beyond a predetermined point, the operative valve is pushed down and activates H.B.S.: the base valve ports are narrowed, blocking the oil flow. This results in high damping force.

A relief valve serves to suppress sudden damping force increase, when the pressure in the cylinder exceeds its regular level.

The setup of the H.B.S. mechanism is optimized per vehicle model, with the right activation point and damping force.

To avoid damages/breakages, conventional bump rubbers must also be fitted/used with H.B.S.-equipped dampers.


Compared to the regular mono-tube system, twin-tube attains longer strokes with a smaller repulsive force, resulting in high ride comfort.

Roads may have all sorts of surface conditions. This calls for shock absorbers with ample stroke, that operate smoothly.

Thanks to flexible strokes, you can negotiate gaps and bumps steadily on rough roads, meaning a smooth ride at low speed and stability at high speed.

Damping Force Adjustment

EnduraPro PLUS features 16-level damping force adjustment, for simultaneous adjustment of compression and rebound. Modify ride comfort and handling according to your preference, changing the properties of the shock absorber with the adjustment dial.

*Click tool is sold separately.

City Streets / Highways / Winding Roads : Adjust to Suit Driving Conditions

The above are examples; actual settings vary according to the vehicle's circumstances.

D.B.A. (Damper Body Adjuster)

D.B.A. (Damper Body Adjuster) is introduced on some models for hassle-free damping force adjustment which otherwise requires removal of damper itself with existing adjustment mechanism.

*Dampers with D.B.A. are NOT equipped with H.B.S. (Hydraulic Bump Stopper).

EDFC Compatible

EnduraPro HC PLUS is compatible with the EDFC Series, which offer easy damping force adjustment from the driver's seat.*
* Some vehicle models excepted

EDFC motor instead of the adjustment dial

Please note: the example in the photos is not EnduraPro HC PLUS

EDFC Series Lineup

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The Finest in Electronic Damping Force Controllers

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Accel/Deceleration-Reactive Speed-Reactive

Wireless Control

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Electronic Damping Force Controller,
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Speed-Reactive (Optional Extra) Wireless Control

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